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Thyme is a versatile herb in the kicthen and in the garden. It has a delicate leaf and flower which make for attractive underplantings under larger plants such as roses. Also a nice ground cover between pavers and it's a natural fro rock gardens. It is easily grown in Zone 6 - 10 gardens as well as in containers.

From a cullinary perspective, thyme comes in a variety of flavors. Many savory recipes call for common thyme Thymus vulgaris. Our favorite thyme for poultry is Lemon thyme T. citriodorus. It's wonderful in a marinade or inserted into the cavity of a roasting bird. fans of caraway will like Caraway-scented thyme T. herba-barona with its caraway fragrance. Thyme is a popular ingredient in <a href="" target="_blank">herbal blends</a>.



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