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Sage is a large group of planst a subset of which are cullinary. The most commonly used cullinary sage is Salvia officinalis. It's an important ingredient in stuffings and one of the components of poultry seasoning. Sage is a popular ingredient in herbal blends. It's easy to grow as a perennial in Zones 5 - 10 as long as it's in well-drained soil. Attractive in containers which can be overwintered indoors.

In addition to the common cullinary sage, there are other interesting edible sages. Pineapple sage S. elegans smells like its namesake and produces stunning magenta flowers in late summer. Pineapple sage is the least hardy of the cullinary sages will need to be brought indoors during any winters where the lows reach 20 ° F. Or, you can just replant it in the spring — it grows quickly.

Blue Sage S. clevelandii is a North American native and can be used as a substitue for common sage in the kitchen.



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