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Rosemary was used by ancient mankind and is still one of the herbs chefs would not be without. Rosemary enhances roasted meats, roast potatoes, stews and hearty soups. Rosemary is a popular ingredient in <a href="" target="_blank">herbal blends</a>. It is also valued for the piney aroma of its leaves. Romans strew it on floors to deter pests and desease. In the play Hamlet, rosemary is called a symbol of rememberance and fidelity.

In gardens of zone 7 or higher, rosemary is perennial and will survive the winter. In mild climates, it will grow into an evergreen shrub. In colder zones, rosemary is best grown in containers and brought indoors for the winter, where it will require strong light from a sunny south facing window or a grow light. It is easily trained into an attractive topiary.

The most common variety, Rosmarinus Officinalis, has pretty cornflower blue flowers in the summer. Other varieties may have white, purple or pink blooms. The aromatic oils are more intense before flowering. To delay flowering, pinch back stems frequently. 



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