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The July/August 2010 issue of Women's Health magazine stated:

Garlic is "an herb that may fight off cancer. People who took a daily garlic capsule — equal to eating one clove — showed a reduction in a process that turns nitrates (such as those found in processed meats or contaminated water) into carcinogens in the body. Source: Analytical Biochemistry"

Once you have garlic in your garden, you'll be surprised how often you'll be harvesting and enjoying it. In the spring are the "green garlic" which emerge from cloves left in the garden (either intentionally or by accident) the previous fall. Next are the garlic scapes -- the immature flower stalks that add flavor to your dishes and whimsy to your garden with their curlicue stalks. August brings an abundance of fat juicy heads of garlic just bursting with flavor. Properly cured and stored, these harvested garlic heads will be an ingredient in many dishes throughout the fall and winter, lasting you until the next year's crops.

At first, large plump heads of garlic alluded us until we learned an important tip: every year select the largest cloves of your harvest to replant in the fall. Year to year the overall size of the heads will become larger.

Our current favorite varieties of garlic are 'Polish Jenn' and 'Montana'. Try different varieties to explore their range of flavor, size, and storage characteristics.

How you prepare garlic affects it's taste and chemical make-up. Read "The Science of Cooking With Garlic" to learn more.


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Helpful companion throughout most of th garden. Repels japanese beetle, aphids and many other pests.

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