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Grow this herb for its leaves and/or seeds, which are called coriander. The entire plant is edible and the root is said to taste similar to the leaves with a slightly nutty flavor. Young leaves are the most aromatic.

Coriander seeds are used in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines, while the cilantro leaves are a common ingredient for cooks in Mexico, Central and South America, and China (it is sometimes referred to as Chinese Parsley). Many chefs feel that cilantro is essential to an authentic salsa.

Be warned though that people either love or hate cilantro — there's no in between. Don't try and win new converts to become cilantro lovers. This love or hate relationship seems to last a lifetime. Some scientists theorize that the taste perception of cilantro is genetic. People who don't like it aren't just being difficult! The coriander seed has a completely different flavor and doesn't have the same polarizing effect of the cilantro leaves.


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