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Beets are grown for their leaves and roots, which vary in shape and color. In general, those with yellow and white roots are sweeter than their red cousins.

Don't think you like beet root? You may change your mind when you roast some in aluminum foil, rub off the skins, and slice them to serve as a side dish or as a salad topping.

Beets grow well with other root crops as well as amongst lettuces because you can harvest beet greens as part of your salad mix using the "cut and come again" method. The roots are trickier to grow than the tops. Beautiful beet roots require soil with no stones and where a considerable amount of compost or organic matter has been incorporated. Don't waste your time trying to grow them in heavy clay soils that haven't been amended.

Look for cultivars resistant to bolting and downy mildew. Newer hybrids are usually sweeter and mature 7 to 14 days earlier.


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