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Get answers to your gardening questions at the Gardeners' Community which includes a Vegetables forum, Herbs forum and Growing Vegetables & Herbs blog.  Search, ask or answer. Use the Gardening Events calendar, view/post photos and blog too.


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Growing Vegetable Gardens - Store
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If you love it, GROW IT regardless of whether it's on the Easy to Grow list. These "ratings" are highly subjective. You might find your favorites very easy to grow in your garden.

These vegetables and herbs are a LITTLE trickier, but very worthwhile:

In our opinion, some vegetables are often not worth the effort and best purchased at the Farmer’s Market and from other local growers.

If you are not going to grow it, then buy it at your local farmers market. Find those in your community with this Farmers Markets Search tool.

You'll find helpful online tools for planning your vegetable gardens at

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Visit the Vegtables Forum at to get answers to your growing vegetables questions. To ask a new question, Register if you haven't already done so(it's free and helps protect the forum from spam), click on Start New Topic, enter your question and click on Post New Topic.

Come join us at our Vegetables forum, Herbs forum and Growing Vegetables & Herbs blog.

You may also appreciate these books on growing vegetable gardens.



Online Garden Planning Tool