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Soil Bags

Soil Bag

A single soil bag ain't pretty, but it is very fast and very easy. The new book Starter Vegetable Gardens offers 24 no-fail small-scale starter gardens based on soil bags — and, these ARE attractive. Starter Vegetable Gardens is currently discounted 30% and only $13.97. No reason anymore not to grow your own food!

Buy bagged planting soil blended for vegetables. At the place where you intend to have your garden, slit the back of the bag in a few places to provide drainage (plants do not like to sit in water -- they'll drown). Place the bag back side down and cut a rectangle out of the top (formerly the front of the bag). Plant your seeds or plants, water them in, and they'll grow. Soon you'll be enjoying your own home-grown food.

Frankly, we view this method as a last resort for the super-busy or as a temporary planting. It's really not that much more effort or cost to put that planting soil in a container which is so much more appealing!

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