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Often garden timings refer to last and first frost dates.  To estimate when the last frost will occur in the spring and the first in the fall, use the handy link located in the Resources box at right.

See the charts under Care: Cool & Warm Seasons for information on what groups of crops to plant when.

The Crops A - Z provides planting times and temperatures for each specific crop.

A great tool for confirming that you are planting Warm Season Crops at the right time is a soil thermometer.  A soil thermometer has a sturdy metal stem you insert into the planting bed for an instant and accurate reading of the soil temperature.  You can also use a compost thermometer, which has a longer stem.  A compost thermometer can be used for both compost and soil measurements.

In case you don’t have a soil thermometer, the Schedule includes other indicators to help you decide when to plant. The charts in Care: Cool & Warm Seasons will also be of assistance, as well as the specifics provided in Crops A - Z for each crop.

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For a detailed spring planting schedule, check out this Vegetable Planting Schedule.

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