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Get answers to your gardening questions at the Gardeners' Community which includes a Vegetables forum, Herbs forum and Growing Vegetables & Herbs blog.  Search, ask or answer. Use the Gardening Events calendar, view/post photos and blog too.


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Growing Vegetable Gardens - Store
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Here you will find general information pertaining to (most) all vegetables. Use the menu at left (or the drop down options under Care) to access: Cool & Warm Season Crops, Timing, Starting Seeds, Planting, General Care and Companion Planting.  

To find specific information on a particular herb or vegetable, use Crops A-Z at top. For example, tomatoes like to be planted into the garden deeper than they were in the pot.  Peppers and eggplants would hate that.  

More Information

Visit the Vegtables Forum at to get answers to your growing vegetables questions. To ask a new question, Register if you haven't already done so(it's free and helps protect the forum from spam), click on Start New Topic, enter your question and click on Post New Topic.

Come join us at our Vegetables forum, Herbs forum and Growing Vegetables & Herbs blog.

You may also appreciate these books on growing vegetable gardens.


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